d Taking Woodstock (2009) - Movie

Taking Woodstock (2009) - Movie

When Elliot hears a neighboring city has attracted on the license to a hippie music festival,'' he also predicts that the manufacturers, believing he can drum up a company for the marriage. Half a thousand people are in their way into his neighbor's possessions at White Lake, NY, also Elliot finds himself trapped in a experience that could transform civilization, along with his life, eternally. Find out more.

A creation started in his yard. By Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain,'' Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), comes Taking Woodstocka brand new comedy inspired by the real story of Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin) and his loved ones, who unwittingly played a pivotal part in creating the celebrated Woodstock Music and Arts Festival to the occurring it had been. A release can be found on soap2day

It's 1969, also Elliot Tiber, a designer at Greenwich Village, New York, needs to go back to help their Catskills motel that is dilapidated runs, The El Monaco. The bank going his dad to foreclose wishes to burn down the place but has not paid the insurance, and Elliot is figuring out the way to return to his parents.

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